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Testosterone Treatments

Not all testosterone treatments and results are the same!

As a board-certified urologist and rejuvenation expert, I often see men who have been treated elsewhere for low testosterone symptoms or blood levels. These men have been prescribed synthetic creams, patches, gels, pills or injections for a variety of complaints including lack of energy, low libido, poor physical or sexual performance or issues with mental clarity (“brain fog”).

Frequently, they are disappointed with their results, decreasing effectiveness or disturbing side effects. Infertility, blood clots, ED, developing man-boobs, personality changes all can be complications of diagnosis or therapy.

At Ageless Aesthetics, we do our best to accurately diagnose the nature, degree and source of the hormonal problem. After a full discussion of the options, risks, and possible complications, we recommend the safest and most effective individual therapy for you. Your performance and blood levels are periodically evaluated so you can safely be your best, while getting the biggest bang for your buck!

If you are considering therapy or are disappointed with the results of your present regimen, see us to discuss your best options.

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