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These treatments are extremely cost-effective and convenient because of the nature of the techniques utilized. This treatment is available for men, women, and adolescents over 16 years of age. We evaluate specific areas such as the face, back, torso, and full leg regions.


Both women and men view hair removal as a part of everyday life. Many of the conventional options are not the ideal solution. Shaving, waxing, electrolysis or hair removal creams can be painful, messy, and ineffective and time-consuming.

At Ageless Aesthetics, we have found the best solutions for your permanent hair reduction dilemma. Combining our Desire LightSheer technology with our exclusive chiller comfort control, we can tailor your hair removal treatment for your particular body area, skin and hair type. This dual wavelength diode laser technology allows us to provide a quick, comfortable and successful reduction for men and women of ALL ethnicities, colors and hair types.

Our High-Speed Vacuum Assist and Chilltip Cooling technologies allow both large areas, such as the back and chest, as well sensitive, more delicate and intimate regions to be treated in an aesthetically-pleasing and gentle manner. We know you will be confident in our treatment and as well as your appearance. Schedule an appointment today to begin your laser reduction experience!



Lumenis Light Sheer Desire®

Our Light Sheer Desire® Laser is effective for gentle and painless hair reduction for most body regions. This advanced laser uses Vacuum Assisted High-Speed Integrated and ChillTip™ Technology to deliver quick, comfortable hair reduction treatment on areas all over the face and body. By applying focused energy to the hair follicles, laser hair reduction works to inhibit future hair growth in the targeted area.

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