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Don’t let your bladder hold you back any longer. We specialize in therapeutic treatments designed to help our clients regain urinary and sexual function with minimally invasive techniques.


As we age, bladder control problems, recurrent urinary tract infections, and pelvic pain are quite common. With over 30 years of experience treating these issues, we have an understanding of these processes as well as the structural and hormonal changes that occur as we mature. We have developed new combination therapies which we have used with excellent success. As with everything, there are individual cases that require more invasive therapies, but we have found that in most cases our program offers a viable solution.

The following therapies and procedures make up the foundation of our Non-Invasive Bladder program:

  • First, we will conduct a medical evaluation of your bladder to determine its functionality which will enable us to prescribe optimal treatment.

  • We will conduct pelvic floor training which will strengthen and condition your urinary and sexual function.

  • For pelvic nerve dysfunction associated with overactive bladders, urinary incontinence, incontinence of stool and chronic pelvic nerve pain, we offer InterStim Neuromodulation Therapy.

  • Pretibial Nerve stimulation (PTNS) can be used to evaluate and treat an overactive bladder with reflex bio training of the pelvic nerves for better control.

  • We can adjust the vaginal pH and decrease urinary tract infections (UTI’s) with FemTouch CO2 Laser Rejuvenation. This treatment can also tighten the bladder to decrease urine leakage and allow the bladder and pelvic structures to work together to avoid health and sexual problems.

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